The Rib Club and Umami Group, united by the sea

The water that makes up our oceans are the nexus that unites the entire planet, connecting the earth and its seas, cultures, emotions and people. For this reason we have joined forces with Rib Club, a private members only boating and luxury lifestyle club for those who, like us, love freedom, allowing for their members to use and enjoy their exclusive range of high-performance RIBs which are moored in various Mediterranean ports, along with exclusive member events and concierge services. Rib Club offers unlimited, hassle-free boating on their luxury RIBs, across all locations, for £5000 per annum.

The Rib Club now forms a part of U-Circle, Umami Group’s international community that provides travellers with exclusive privileges and unique advantages. Our members can now find in their private area an exclusive promocode to be used on The Rib Club’s website, which will provide them with a 10% discount on the annual membership fee required to join this prestigious club. Spend an unforgettable summer’s day aboard an elegant boat, sailing on the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and then stop to rest later in UM Beach House Portals, our temple of the sea. All you have to do is to subscribe to Umami Group’s online community for free.

U-Circle is a union of the most exclusive leisure, restaurant and well-being brands in Mallorca, the island that gave birth to Umami Group. The aim is to be greater than the sum of their parts by offering, for both residents and tourists alike, incomparable and exquisite leisure activities on the island. All that is needed is the completion of the registration form, after which you will receive your U-Circle membership card. It will open the doors to a world of unrivalled experiences. You will also receive, as a welcome gift, a free download of Umami Sound, the Group’s music app, for you to enjoy their afro house and tribal sounds.