Press Escape: Umami’s music app that will take you on a journey.

It’s winter and everything seems to be tinged in dull tones. Even the sun seems to lose interest appearing, and sometimes it doesn’t appear at all. Darkness seems to arrive earlier and earlier, provoking apathy. You get home from work and you realise there is so much left to do.  You take of your shoes and while you prepare a comforting cup of tea, the kind that sparks heat in your fingertips and whose aroma does the rest … you press play. It’s instantaneous. You close your eyes and your face breaks into a silent smile. Your feet start moving and your mind suddenly remembers a moment, a deeply cherished memory. That summer day suddenly springs to life, images following one after another, calmly and vividly, almost crystal clear, like the water that gently lapped against UM Beach House that warm summer afternoon. The place where your body rested on a comfortable sunbed while listening to ´that` song. Exactly that  song. You remember a colourful cocktail, the sound of crashing waves and the sun streaming through the leaves of a veteran and imposing tree. The blue horizon fuses with ochre, intense green and relaxed yellow colours, along with pine and wood smells and the taste of the sea. Your mind becomes calm, your breathing slows down and you remember how good freedom feels.

For us, a place is not a physical space, but a feeling of well-being that makes you feel like you don’t want to be anywhere else. Our nomadic heart means that we are constantly searching for well-being and ways of experiencing it, wherever we are, or wherever we go, together with our friends and loved ones. And it is music that transport us to these moments, those that feed our soul. For this purpose, we have created an Umami music app, which will soon be available to download for free. It will now be easier than ever to relive those moments of soft sounds fued with tribal rhythms, perfectly orchestrated to guide us through a memorable, Umami-flavoured, journey. Music is, undoubtedly, the driving force of all the energy and connections that are created in our beach house, the meeting place of our community, and the place to discover our bohemian spirit, our tribal heart and our Mediterranean way of understanding life.