Tofo Castanyer and Umami Group, a relationship born straight from the heart to change the game.

In June Umami Group and Tófol Castanyer, the world runner up in long distance mountain running created a collaborative agreement, founded in shared values, with the objective of establishing a relationship that be professional, solid and long lasting. If there is one thing that makes you grow in life it is surrounding yourself by passionate people who support your path to well-being, security and positivity. There is no better achievement than to do things with passion, doing your part for the society in which we all live and share and it becomes the legacy which we leave behind. A great responsibility which Umami Group handles with enthusiasm, looking to create a great family whose projects, efforts and dedication change the rules of the game.

“A commercial contract is not binding. The emotional union is. I always had it very clear: we looked for a relationship that comes from the heart and that is founded in values of strength, the fight and efforts which represents us. Something which we have found in Tófol Castanyer, the ambassador of our easy and natural spirit” (Peter Estebe, CEO & Founder of Umami Group”

“I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted to represent you. I didn’t understand why a group like yourselves, had centred in on someone with such little media press and with hardly any social media presence” (Tófol Castanyer)

There is something that we have very clear at Umami Group, that is that beautiful things don’t need to attract attention. There is nothing more attractive and welcoming than something natural and with an organic essence. Very few possess this beautiful light which shines from the inside of this sportsman, he is involved in various social causes which helps those who most need it. Tófol Castanyer has found in his profession and as a public figure, a strong platform in which he can better the world with the help of personalities such as Rafa Nadal and Ricky Rubio, just to name a few.

“A guy needed 15,000 euros to be able to afford a wheelchair. Thanks to a solidarity which I thought was missing in the world, we achieved 48,000 euros. This has changed the way I see the world. Before I was one of those people who believed that the people of today are just lost. Now I believe that there are still a lot of pure and caring people left in the world. Achieving this, through what I do, enjoying how I do it, is brutal”

With his igneous thrust and obstinate desire to savour life with relish, which encompasses Tófol, we couldn’t think of a better alliance to which to kick start a journey filled with objectives and goals. A union which is built in a natural way and that represents the true essence of Umami. A group which expands and has its values clear, work values, daily efforts, humility and respect and having in mind that true excellence is to evolve by being true to yourself and with simplicity.

“Our biggest achievement? That we have built such a passionate team. All those who form part of the group are all equally emotionally involved. That is why, Umami Group, was born to change the game and to not just follow it. There is no routine, no tasks, there are only goals and the human link between us all which drives us to succeed day after day” (Peter Estebe)