We feel responsible to contribute to the improvement of the leisure sector whose current and only goal is consumption. That is why our operations, both in beach houses and in roof lounges, pursue a goal that motivates and encourages us even more: the creation of human alliances. The fingerprint is one of the elements that represent us, that shows our Mediterranean identity and the creation of lasting and meaningful human connections in the places where our brands are established. It is a symbol that also talks about our social responsibility: we want to leave a mark wherever we go and contribute to the community our values of positivity, joy, naturalness, freshness and passion for life.


Our expansion aims to join those who choose us as partners, operators or affiliates. Our calendar of openings and alliances do not aim for fast and rapid growth, but rather sustained, healthy and long-term growth. An organic growth that is reflected in our brands, whose attractive concepts ensure acceptance in the market. For us, the expansion must be done in combination with the ethical and human factor. We do not contemplate it in any other way.


Loyalty: Guests - Employees - Company - Suppliers - Creditors
Handmade: Atelier - Natural - Unique - Responsibility - Longevity
Music: Ethnic - Transcendence - Live - Passion - Union
Offers: Integrated - Social - Flavours - Healthy - Atmosphere
Elegance: Care - Texture - Design - Services - Value


A special meaning for our brand

The hand is for us another relevant element because it symbolizes the union between cultures and happiness, two values that define our group. The hand gives voice to the rest of the body in all its expressions: respect, affection, passion... It also represents a key message in our corporate philosophy: the 5 fingers understood as the 5 continents that unify the entire globe.


Reliability - Expertise

In all celebrations, our hands touch the sky. 10 members - 2 hands. A united team to deliver excellence.


Sustainable & Reliable growth

Our epicentre is the mediterranean. From there, the expansion will start targeting the best destinations with the best partners.